Here’s an activator mixture that i found, somewhere, which you may want to try. Blood, fish and bone meal are all great nitrogen rich fertilisers which could be added to the heap as compost accelerators.

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½ cup of household ammonia.

What can i use as a compost accelerator. In composting there are some items which are really easy for bacteria to digest and as such act as great natural accelerators; How to generate your own compost accelerator. I get a bin of compost every 5 months in the summer and about 6 months in the winter.

Nitrogen is vital for the bacteria that are needed for aerobic decomposition. It has microorganisms like bacteria that are vital nitrogen carriers. The main ingredient in accelerators is nitrate, which is why nettles are good (because they contain a lot of it.) the cheapest commercial high nitrate fertilizer is ammonium sulphate.

Good nitrogen sources include urea, blood meal, grass clippings and alfalfa meal. You want your compost heap to stay moist, which is why a good compost accelerator has a lot of liquid in it. Meaning, they create rapid growth of mesophilic microbes that feed on the green waste and generate heat.

Apparently it needs to be warm but i can’t think that it really matters. Hot composting is an accelerated process that creates an ideal environment for microbes to speed up the process of breaking down organic material. If you find an old package of fertilizer in your shed that you’re not sure if it’s any good you can toss it in to your compost pile and any nitrogen it has in it will help to accelerate the compost breakdown.

Take the length of time your composting takes at ambient temperature in months (eg 36, 18, 12, six months) and convert to days (so 36, 18, 12, six days). For example fresh grass, food waste, blood and bone meal, chicken poo and urine. Numerous companies sell packages of worms which people can add to their compost, and people.

Compost accelerators, compost starters, and other similar products work by adding more nitrogen to your composting pile. Compost starters and accelerators include nitrogen, microorganisms or a combination of both to speed up (and heat up!) the decomposition process. All compost accelerators are high nitrogen additions to the heap.

Vermicomposting, as it is known, is a popular form of composting which can be done in a wide variety of environments. Hot composting can (and does) deliver compost in 30 days. Compost accelerators use bacterial and fungi strains which are isolated and chosen for their ability to break down green waste.

Get a gallon of water. Worms can also be an excellent compost accelerator. One idea for a compost accelerator is old fertilizer.

Fresh manure is high in nitrogen, making it a natural accelerator. Just collect the right amount of animal manure (horse manure, chicken manure, etc.) then bury it in your compost pit and let the bacteria do the rest of the job. What is the best compost accelerator?

A few spadefuls can be worked into a compost pile and used as a compost accelerator. Mainly considered a natural nitrogen fertilizer. The process of hot composting can take up to 6 months, but you can accelerate the process by giving your compost a compost accelerator.

It heats the compost pile and keeps it hot while the beneficial bacteria work at breaking down the pile's ingredients. Alternatively, add fresh manure at one bucket for every 15cm (6in) layer of compost, fish, blood and bone fertiliser at 270g (9oz) per 15cm (6in) layer of compost, or sulphate of ammonia fertiliser at 140g (5oz) per 15cm (6in) layer of compost. Large bucket, (5 gallons minimum) 1 gallon of warm water.

There are compost accelerators which are a culture of the specially. 100% organic we only use natural ingredients in compost accelerator which makes it 100% organic. Add more green waste, or try a commercial activator or accelerator such as ‘garotta’.

A compost accelerator is the general term used to describe an activator agent that either starts the composting process or accelerates the process when it’s already started. Most products also include other nutrients, plus bacteria and fungi, that help accelerate the composting process and increase compost quality. One of the best and most simple compost accelerators is hydrated white lime.

Find out more about hydrated white lime. Improves quality of compost by keeping the compost heap at a higher temperature compost accelerator helps to break down waste in to smaller pieces, whilst retaining all of the nutrients needed to help plants grow. 5) espoma organic traditions compost starter.

This can give you the reassurance. Hot composting at 60ºc is x32 times faster than cold composing at ambient 10c. It’s relatively easy to use my diy solution above, but if you want the best possible results, give the all seasons bokashi compost starter a try.

Some products claim to contain an ‘energy source’. You can use this rule to give a 'rough rule thumb':

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